YouTube Double Tap for Google Chrome Android Users

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In fact, Youtube is a best available platform in which everyone can upload and share their emotional stories in videos or editing mode. I love this website and App especially in my free time cause I searched those videos comprising software, drama, songs, gadgets etc. I have little information about YouTube. YouTube app and youtube on chrome both are quite similar in functions. Months ago in February, youtube added the double-tap option to rewind or forward video up to 10 seconds. Now Chrome is going to get this feature soon in chrome dev and chrome canary for Android Users. It is a kind of good news for those people who use youtube on chrome because of low storage space in the Android. This would enable the user to forward or rewind videos fastly like a sip of tea.

How to Use YouTube Double Tap

Its quite easy to use YouTube double tap cause it appears on the right side of the screen to forward, and on the left side to rewind, which is similar to youtube app. If one wants to forward or rewind video more than 10 seconds, then he needs to tap thrice or 4 times depends on how much one wants to forward it or rewind it.

How to Enable YouTube Double Tap in Google Chrome

This feature will be made available in February 2018 and would be enabled in latest versions of Google Chrome Canary and chrome dev for android i-e 65.0.3299.0 for chrome dev. For enabling this feature on Andriod, just go to chrome flags page.


Paste the above link in the address bar and enable the feature such as below.

Change the Setting to Get YouTube Double Tap

The New Break Up by XDA Developers

Both app and chrome’s youtube are same and there is a lot of difference between both of the sources for playing videos. which may include quality difference and speed double tap option. Now nearly everything has been improved in chrome’s youtube. Which is same as using app. If you don’t have enough storage to install youtube then surely enjoy it on Chrome which is in the same way as an YouTube Application.