Update Resurrection Remix 5.8.5 Nougat On Huawei Honor Holly

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Good news for the owners of Huawei Honor Holly, also known as Huawei Honor 3C Lite. Now you can install the personalized remix and the non-resurrected ROM of Huawei Honor Holly. Today in this article, I will explain How to install the resurrection remix for Huawei Honor Holly (Android Nougat). This is an unofficial resurrection remix for Huawei Honor Holly.

Resurrection Remix Rom is based on the CyanogenMod, Slim, Omni ROM, and Original Remix Rom versions. The combination of all these elements creates performance, personalization, power and the new functionality of the developers. These are taken directly to your device. Remember that this is a stable version of the unofficial resurrection remix on Huawei Honor Holly. If you want to try Resurrection Remix on your Huawei Honor Holly, follow to the guide below.

With the new Resurrection Remix, you can enjoy the latest Android Nougat 5.8.5 features, as well as Lineage, AOKP, CM, and other custom ROM functions. The ROM is stable for use with a daily controller.

Now download  Resurrection Remix Nougat 5.8.5 for Huawei Honor Holly. A custom reset like TWRP is required to install an unofficial resurrection remix for Huawei Honor Holly.

About ROM  

Resurrection Remix is a combination of the stability provided by CM and the features of the original Slim, Omni and Remix versions, which offers an impressive combination of performance, customization, power and the latest features right on your device. This is one of the most customizable ROMs!


updatedmob.com is not responsible for any damage happened to your device (s) while following this guide, proceed at your own risk.

Download links

  1. Download Resurrection Remix
  2. Download Gapps


  1. It will work on Huawei Honor Holly, do not try it on any other device.
  2. Your phone should be charged up to 80% or 70%.
  3. You will lose the original ROM or any CUSTOM ROM if already installed on your phone. Be sure to back up your phone before performing this step using TWRP or CWM or any custom restore.
  4. You can back up all applications using Titanium Backup or make a backup copy of all data without root.
  5. You must install TWRP or any custom restore on your phone.
  6. Download all Zip files from aforementioned links and place them in the root of your phone.

Steps To Install Resurrection Remix For Huawei Honor Holly

  1. First, download the Resurrection Remix and GAPPS Zip files from the aforementioned links.
  2. If you’ve downloaded the zip file to your computer, connect the device to your computer with a USB cable.
  3. Now move the Resurrection Remix and Zip Gapps files to the root of the smartphone’s internal memory.
  4. After transferring the zip files, turn off the phone. Restart and reset your device by simultaneously pressing the Volume Down + On button. (You can use the volume up and down buttons to scroll up and down and press the power button to select).
  5. Before installing the custom ROM, it is best to delete all data by clicking the Clean button and selecting Advanced Removal: select all but internal memory.
  6. Scroll to WIPE.
  7. Now click on the Install button to install the Resurrection Remix zip file.
  8. Now examine the file in the internal memory where you downloaded the Zip file from Custom Rom (better move the custom ROM zip to the root of the internal memory)
  9. Select the custom Zip Rom file and drag to confirm the installation. Then restart.
  10. Now follow the same steps in the installing Gapps.
  11. That’s all! Now restart the phone. You have successfully installed Remix Resurrection for Huawei Honor Holly.

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