Update Custom ROM (Resurrection Remix 7.x) to Motorola

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Custom ROM (Resurrection Remix 7.x) is specially designed for Motorola Android phones. Motorola is gaining its image back into the market. Final, Moto Maxx was released in the year 2014 and came with an Android 4.4.4 KitKat running in it and was upgradable to 6.0.1 Marshmallow. The size of this phone is 5.2 inches. An internal memory of 64 GB and a 3 GB RAM (pretty good for current and its own time).  If you still have this fellow somewhere around catching dust then it’s time to revive it!

The key features of Custom ROM (Resurrection Remix 7.x) are as below. Just outstanding.

Includes all Android Nougat Features
Includes all CM14.1 Features
LCD Density
Expanded Desktop Mode
Heads Up Switch and its customizations

Selinux Switch
Disable Battery Saver Warning Color
Camera Shutter Sound Disable/ Enable
Removed Demo mode and Tweaked SystemUI Tuner As compared To AOSP
Quick Settings Customizations

Battery Light Customizations
Notification Light Customizations
Font Size
CM privacy guard
CM Root inbuilt
New RR Configurations

Live Display
Almost 270 Degree Rotation
Lock Screen Autorotate Switch
Native Tap to Wake From Marshmallow
Double Tap Power Button To enable Camera gesture
Prevent Accidental Wakeup
Wake Phone on Charging Plug
Overall Smoothness Improvements
Optimizations to Improve Battery
Crowdin for translations

Full Substratum(OMS) theme support
Navbar color tint
Navbar Button Customization
Navbar Pulse
Navbar Fling
Double Tap to sleep navbar

Carrier Label Size
Clock Customizations
Time & Date
Day & Date Toggle
Center/Right/Left Clock Choice
Date Format
Clock Font Styles

Battery Bar customization
Battery Icon Customization
Battery percentage Text Notification

Network Traffic Arrows Switch
Incoming/OutGoing Traffic
Network traffic Color

Custom Logos & StatusBar Weather

Weather Color & Weather Position(left/right)

ListView/ Toast Animations
System & QS tile Animations
Power Menu Animations

Gestures Anywhere Feature
3 Finger Swipe Screenshot Gesture

Choose Applications in App Circle
Trigger Width, Height, and Position

Pie Trigger(left ,Right ,Bottom & Pie Colors & Features)

Clear All Button Location(Top right,Top Left,Top Center,Bottom Left,Bottom Right,Bottom Center)
Recent Styles / OmniSwitch

CLock, Alarm & Weather Panel Customizations
Lockscreen General Shortcuts
100+ Icons for Shortcuts
Lockscreen Media Art/Enable Disable
Quick PIN/Pattern Unlock
Lockscreen Weather Widget
Lockscreen Icons Color

Quick PullDown
Smart Pulldown
Notification Panel transparency task manager
Custom Headers
LongPress Toggles to Enter Settings
Disable Immersive Mode Messages
Force Expand Notification Volume Dialog Transparency
Notification Panel Stroke
Volume Dialog Stroke

Reboot(Recovery, Bootloader, Hot Reboot, Screenshot)
Power Menu End Calls Switch
Restart SystemUI
Sound Panel
Ringtone Volume Control
Keyboard Cursor Control
Swap Buttons on Landscape mode
Volume Key Answer

So the guide below is for All Quark (Moto MAXX/Turbo and Droid Turbo – XT1225, XT1250 and XT1254) models.


Updatedmob.com will not be held responsible for any damage occurred to your Motorola Moto Maxx during or after the rooting process. Proceed at your risk.

Everything is working fine except for a few bugs.

Download Links:

Download: AFH Mirror ROM Click Here (This contains old versions)


Open Gapps Click Here (Choose Platform: ARM, Android: 7.1, and a Variant smaller pack possible, Install any other gapps from play, in case latest gapps package from Open are bad, click here to open old released page and Download a old version

Instructions to follow

  • First of all, download the latest build and GApps. (Provided above)
  • Reboot to recovery. A backup of all important things such as contacts, SMS logs and gallery items etc. that might be lost in flashing, is highly recommended.
  • Always wipe Data (without media aka without internal memory) if you’re switching from a different ROM.
  • Wipe your Mobile
  • Then flash the latest build and GApps
  • A reboot might take up to 20 minutes initially so give your device some time to prepare itself.
  • Finish and Enjoy

Important Notice !!! Wipe off Dalvik Cache, a problem coming up after wiping off cache is rare so if a problem arises after a wipe off do a clean install.