OnePlus won’t support Android Updates Feature

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It has been confirmed by OnePlus Officials via its forums that none of its phones containing 3/3T and 5/5T will now support Project Treble even though its updated to Android Oreo Version. Will you now think about project treble? Let me explain, it is an Android Oreo feature that attempts to address slow Android update by allowing manufacturers to push out Google’s most recent OS without having to wait for their chip partner like Qualcomm.

It was earlier announced about Project Treble that any device updated to Oreo would be eligible to support the program and that manufacturers would likely be interested in it. Only devices that ship with Android Oreo installed out of the box will be required to feature Project Treble. But OnePlus’ most recent phone OnePlus 5T now ships with Android Nougat. It is pertinent to mention here that Google’s first-generation Pixel phone supports Project Treble and the Essential Phone is attempting to support the feature even though those phones first shipped with Android Nougat. OnePlus wouldn’t support Treble anymore.