OnePlus Prefers Dash Charge Instead Wireless Charging

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CEO (Mr. Lau) of world-class leading One Plus company has published a nice post on its company’s website forum that he used to take headphone 3.5 mm port along with him for charging his phone for some specific reason. You might be thinking that there is something special which is not yet updated Oneplus has yet to adopt wireless charging features.Mr. Lau (CEO) proclaimed 1st reason that Dash Charge is working faster than wireless and therefore it is better because the user ends up spending less time. In technical terminology, this is quite true but wireless charging to be faster than wired charging.

He (Mr Lau) explain the second reason that it is not possible to charge a phone without dash charger during playing a game or streaming a video on phone. In technical terminology this is true but it assumes someone needs to be using phone 24 hours in a day and 7 days a week. Mr. Lau prefers to choose dash charger for its products such as buying pads, cases, tables, and lamps to enjoy the convenience wireless charging. At the end of the day, OnePlus is constrained by the build material that their devices use and metal phones just do not play well with inductive charging.