Mobile Battery Life Tips

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Android smartphones are designed to deliver better result such as performance, usage, and timing. A battery is the important part of the Smartphone technology. Batteries are the complex technology because it includes the number of variable components that cause to decide the performance of the battery. Most Android phones use the lithium-ion technology. It charges faster, long-lasting and high power density. All charged batteries are consumable and have a specific life period.

Battery life is the amount of time that the device runs before it needs to recharging. Similarly, the battery lifespan is the amount of time that it needs to be replaced. It is the Chemical age which may be more than just passage of time till specific time. It includes many factors that effects on battery performance such as battery cycle, number of the charge cycle, and how it cared for. Understand and adopt these tips that are written as follows to maximize the battery performance, and help to enhance the battery lifespan.

Steps to extend the battery performance.

1: Update the latest software due to it includes many advanced energy-saving technologies.

2: Avoid phone from extreme heat/temperature which is commonly 95 degree or above. It’s not a common point that temperature also consumes battery. So, keep the phone away from temperature/heat to retain the battery performance better.

3: During charging, when you notice that your device gets hot then firstly removes the charger. It may affect your battery capacity.

4: Dim or turn down the brightness of your phone. Because the display is also the biggest drain of the battery. You may adjust auto-brightness to extend the battery performance.

5: Always uses Wi-Fi connection to connect others as compared to the cellular network. Wi-Fi network uses less power. So, it’s better to enhance the battery timing.

6: Turn off Vibration of the phone. It eats all the battery power fastly.

7: Turn off unused radios. So, disable all the radios or apps that are not used such as Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.

8: Restart the phone after enough usage. It may cause to clean and clear the battery usage in a systematic way.

9: Turn off all app notifications. It’s not important to use. So, disable that notifications which are unnecessary, and not needed.

10: Set a Dark colored background. AMOLED illuminates the colored pixels only. So, you can save much energy from this step.

11: Set a sleeping time ad Airplane mode. It causes to save energy. And you would not disturb at that time after adopting this setting. So, you can save energy to enhance the battery performance.