Method To Check The Smartphone Device Supports Project Treble

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Android Oreo is the excellent version of Android OS. It brings many features and tricks to know the device specifications. It provides the support for Google’s project treble. Project treble helps us to provide the information about the latest version of the system, app, version, and specification. It brings points fast to save the time and device from Malware attack. It also helps us to enhance the speed and performance from the development (updates etc) of custom ROM. So, check your own Smartphone Supports criteria to know the device information and proceedings on-time.

OS updates from different OEMs are much slower to notify any point. So, many users sent complain about not getting the updates in their Smartphone device. Therefore, develops feel the system to deliver fast to solve the slow updating issue. Project treble solves the issue of slow updating issue from the help of Google scene capturing. It separates the OS framework from the Vander’s proceedings. So, manufacturers will be able to build the latest Os framework. Treble has been available in the latest version which is 8.0 Oreo. It supports for all devices which have Android 8.0v and higher OS version.

How to Check the Smartphone Supports Project Treble

1: Download an App (Treble checker) from the Google play store. It will provide the information about your device treble or not.

2: It’s easy to use and check information’s if your device supports Treble checker.

3:  Go to All app and then tap to open treble checker.

The Capability of Smart Phone

i:- If your device (Smartphone) assists project treble then you will see the message of congratulations. Then you can include the support from this device.

ii:- If your Smartphone does not assist project treble then you will see the message of unsupported. So, developers have not included the option and support for project Treble.

iii:- If your Smartphone assists Project treble then you will know the processing unit of the Smartphone which is 32 bit or 64 bits. You can install the treble app that assists custom ROM according to your specification. It helps to assist the life to save the time and career. So, grab Treble Checker and get flashing custom ROMs for your Smartphone to stay updated.

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