LineageOS for Samsung-HTC-Motorola- LG- Xiaomi

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LineageOS is the free platform available on GitHub for Android smart-phones and tablets etc. It is a gateway to all members of the community persons to get involved for development in numerous ways. It is used in the web-based collaboration tool called Gerrit. It is used for the code review process of the operating system.

LineageOS works for many other ROM’s as a standalone Rom as well as Source code. It is the biggest develops team in sense of custom ROM. It has officially supported for over 185 countries.  It includes many useful apps which are free from bloat-ware often pre-installed by the respective manufacturers. Pre-installed apps are such as AudioFX, Calculator, Calendar, Camera, Clock, Emails, Messaging, Gallery, Recorder, Trebuchet, Files, and FlipFlap etc. Users can flash the normal Google apps. But these pre-installed apps are not available by default due to some legal matters.

Characteristics and features of LINEAGE-OS FOR MICROG:

1: It includes the useful features such as customizing the status bar, Custom button placement, changing the overall theme, and editing the navbar etc.

2: Whether providers displays the weather in widget. It’s not available by default. You must download weather provider in the LineageOS download website.

3: Maintaining the stability through the sense of customization. Screen Lock provides all type of customization including the media cover, double tap to sleeping, visualization, and display the weather.

4: Download Updates in the setting and install via TWRP.

5: You can choose Vendor image separately while installing updates and further making partition in the Smartphone.

6: Only ADB root Access as opt-in and optionally as a zip.

7: Use Themes via substratum.  You can’t use it w/o play store. You can set the style of color displays which may be dark theme, light theme, or customized the colors.

8: You can launch F-droid with extension pre-configured for the automatic special update for any feature.

9: You can adjust more features such as Google free replacement services and stick lineage.

10: You can hide any specific app behind the secure lock. It helps you to protect your privacy.

11: It offers to support many devices such as Samsung, HTC, Motorola, LG, and Xiaomi etc.


Pursuance to the risk involved in installing Custom ROM / Official Update, our website ( will not be held responsible for any damage occurred to your phone during or after the rooting process. Proceed at your own risk.

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