How to Install Dr.Ketan Galaxy S8+ ROM on Galaxy Note 5?

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How can you give your Galaxy Note 5’s UI a brand new touch? This is very effortless now. You can easily install a ported ROM from the Galaxy S8+ on your Galaxy Note 5 and rule the things the way you like. Dr.Ketan, which is famous among the Note community on the XDA Developers, has established his Dr.Ketan Custom ROM based on the Android Nougat from the Galaxy S8+. The ROM isn’t just simply a port of the Galaxy S8+, there’s an immense list of features that can further extend the interest of the users.


Dr.Ketan has tried to adjust every single element of the operating system in his custom ROM. It’s really hard to discuss all the specifications of this ROM, but we will try to have a look on some main features.


Dr.Ketan Custom ROM for the Galaxy Note 5 has been divided into three phases. The ROM comes with hundreds of modifications in the toggles menu only. Then comes the Tasks menu using which you can take an EFS backup of your handset, you can fix the SD card, you can flash recovery and a modem. There is an auto scan feature, which keeps the handset free from any threats of virus invasions. After this comes the ROM part. In the ROM part, you can find the Quick Panel Toggles, Launcher home scroll, ROM control feature which itself has loads of features to give you a perfect command over the OS of your Note 5. Dr.Ketan has also modified the behavior of the hard keys of the Galaxy Note 5.

Further benefits:

To press the volume up option will now allow you to turn on the torch. The battery option indicator will appear with a refined look.  You will be able to change the phone’s clock style as well. Furthermore, you can restrict your phone to use specific network mode like 3G or 4G. It’s some other benefits include 5 Way Reboot Menu, Call recording and All Apps to Multi-Window and many more. There are plenty of features that if we start discussing them, then it can take the whole day. So to minimize the discussion, I am sharing the link with you, where you can take advantage of learning the terrific features of this specific ROM:

Coming back to the topic we are discussing the installation of the Dr.Ketan Galaxy S8+ Port ROM on the Galaxy Note 5. What you need is a custom recovery in order to flash the ROM.

Warning will not be held responsible for any damage occurred to your Galaxy Note 5 during or after the rooting process. Proceed at your risk.

Installation Method

You need to follow the instructions given below in order to install the Dr.Ketan Galaxy S8+ ROM on Galaxy Note 5.


  • This ROM is only for the Exynos Galaxy Note 5 N920C/G/I/T/W8.
  • Make sure your Galaxy Note 5 is running on Android Marshmallow or Android Nougat.
  • Backup everything from your phone to keep your data safe and secure.
  • Install TWRP Recovery in order to root your Galaxy Note 5.
  • Enable OEM Unlocking from the developer options.
  • Flashing this ROM will void your phone’s warranty, read the steps below carefully.

Install Nemesis ROM on Galaxy Note 5

  1. Download file and copy it to your Note 8’s external SD card.
  2. Boot your Galaxy Note 5 into the TWRP recovery mode. To do so, turn off the phone. Now press and hold Volume Up + Bixby + Power button to get into the TWRP.
  3. As you are in TWRP recovery, swipe to allow modifications. Tap Wipe > Advanced Wipe > Select Data, Internal Storage, Cache & Dalvik Cache > Wipe all these.
  4. Now get back to the main menu in TWRP recovery, tap Install.
  5. After tapping Install > Locate and select the from external storage > proceed with ROM installation using AROMA installer.
  6. Once you are done with ROM installation, reboot your phone into the system.

See I told you. Isn’t that easy and not that much time to consume as well.Have fun and stay tuned. Even if you further face any difficulty, here is the video link that can guide you properly:

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