How to hard/Factory reset Samsung Galaxy

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Hard Reset is commonly known as Factory Reset or Master Reset. It is the restoration of the device into its previous state when we start using. Through this, all settings, data, and apps are removed that installed by the user. Only default apps and settings will be available on that device. The most common reason that is used to restore the factory conditions to remove user data, to fix the manufacturing, to remove user data before selling, or disposing of the device.

There are two methods that are available to hard reset your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone. Details are as follows.

Method 1: Hard Reset via Setting.

For using this method, your Smartphone should be turned ON. Then you can follow the method of the hard reset to keep active your phone.

1: Firstly, go to setting on your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone.

2: Choose “Cloud and accounts” and press the option of “Backup and restore”.

3: Turn ON the restore and backup my data option on your Smartphone.

4: Again, open the settings and navigate the “General Management”.

5: Select Reset and tap the “Factory Data reset”.

6: Turn ON Reset Device and then enter the password to complete the process fast.

7: Tap on continue button and then select the option of “Delete All”.

8: Reboot your device to make smooth proceeding.

If this method does not work then you can use the Second method to the hard reset of your Samsung Galaxy Smartphones.

Method 2: Hard Reset via Recovery.

It’s a method to restore your device on the previous state. Use this method carefully to analysis the mobile proceedings. You can use this method to make the space on your Smartphone. Method of hard rest via recovery is explained as follows.

1: Press and hold the “Home”, and “Volume Up” button on your Smartphone. It’s a step to boot into Recovery Mode.

2: When you see an Android logo on your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone screen then release that buttons/keys.

3: Now, Select wipe data/Factory Reset option by navigating the Volume Keys.

4: Press the Power key to authenticate the process of Reset. You will press only that key at once.

5: Press the Power down key just once. And select the option “ Yes…. Delete All User Data”.

6: When the process completes, then Press the “power key” again to execute the process of Reset.

7: Now, keep waiting until the Samsung Galaxy Smartphone device rebooted.

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