How to Fix the IMEI null problem Specially Sony Sets

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IMEI is the Notation of International Mobile Equipment Identity. It is the number usually unique. It is found usually inside the battery component of the phone. It is displayed on the screen when you dial *#06#.

IMEI is the number that used by the GSM network to identify valid devices. It is also used for stopping a stolen phone by accessing that network.  If your phone is stolen then the owner of the device calls the network provider authorities and instructs them with relevant details, then the company will blacklist the phone with the help of IMEI number. It makes the phone useless on that network.

IMEI is the source to identify the many network and security features to track and transmit the knowing point of the device.

When you buy the mobile phone, then it has a valid IMEI number. So that all the features such as SIM card can work on that device. But, when the IMEI Is null or the device deems to be unknown, then the phone shows “no service” or No signal” on your device until you fix it.

Two options are available.

1: Company does not provide the service for few hours due to an agreement. Then you can’t activate your device until the company/network provider provides the service.

2: Device problem to not showing the IMEI number. We can fix this problem to adopt the following method.

Steps to fix IMEI null Issue.

1: Firstly, open the phone dialer and press (*#06#). This will show the full IMEI number on your respective device screen.

2: If it shows ”NULL” then your device number will be corrupted or unknown. Then you can fix it with the following method.

3: Open the device dialer and type the code (*#197328640#) or (*#*#197328640#) then your phone open in the command mode.

4: Choose common and tap the field test mode(FTM).

5: This step will restore IMEI number on your device.

6: Press the menu key to save changes.

7: Now, press key input and turn off the field test mode(FTM).

8: Next, remove the SIM card and battery. Now, wait a few moments to re-inserting it on the device.

9: Then, Press the code (*#197328640#). Go to Debug Screen and then Control phone, and then Control Nas, and then RRC and revise it. It will help you to resolve the issue of null or un-known/un-registered IMEI.

10: Switch off the device. And then insert a SIM card to check the phone.

11: If you have still not resolved the IMEI null issue on that SIM card then change the SIM card for that device.


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