How Buying iPhone X Phenomena Turns?

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It’s going to be a trend that every second person is crazy about buying Apple iPhone X due to its vast technological expertise. Everyone is asking to buy such iPhone, this desire of human nature is called phenomena of iPhone X.  Let me explain little about this cute metal chocolate.  Different facts and features diversify the users here and there. Just read the complete in order to know about its qualitative technology but it has below negative points which will irritate you all the time.  You just need to scroll down to know.

How Relative High Price of iPhone X?

The price of iPhone X is high as compared to others as this is almost 999$. This charging amount is a big amount for any normal man. However, Apple products turn out to be way cheaper than what they actually are in terms of hardware.

How Face Recognition of iPhone X Create Disturbance?

Face ID is really an innovative security measure that Apple has included in the iPhone X. But how will you manage to drag your phone up to your face to unlock it every time? It will be impressive in the beginning but then it will turn out to be hectic. In the case of an emergency, anyone else won’t be able to unlock it. In the case, as it is just a device if it is unable to detect your face then you have to go to the shop to know what to do further.

How Is Display of iPhone X an Ordinary One?

The new seamless display on the iPhone X is great and takes the visual experience to a whole new level but unfortunately, the users have disliked this approach.

How Apple iPhone 7 Still Surpasses?

In features, specifications and price of iPhone 7 still seem to be the winner. If you are not looking to be on the cutting edge of technology, the older iPhone 7, retailing at close to half the price of the iPhone 8, makes up for a very good smartphone even now.

How Home Button of iPhone Causes Disturbance?

As all the previous fans and users were addicted to using the home button in all the handsets of Apple iPhone, here the home button is missing.Moreover, users will have to get used to a new way of working on the new iPhone X. Now, to enable home key actions, the users need to do is swipe up from the bottom of the display.

How Expected Issues and Errors in iPhone X?

With every first generation device, a number of flaws and errors are expected to happen. With this handset, Apple is offering fast charge with a dedicated charger and not as a part of the standard kit, which has disappointed many users.

How Storage of iPhone X Turns To be Expensive?

Apple has included all the codecs which can allow to capture more pictures and make more videos. But if the storage in less then it will run out rapidly, which can ultimately be a problem for the users. Unfortunately, if we think of increasing the memory up to 256gb then it will further cost 150$.

How Applications of iPhone Not Fully Compatible?

Not all apps on the App Store are compatible with this device.Although several developers have started working on this and will be offering a workaround for the new screen shape.