Google Admob Clicks Fraud!!!

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It has come to the notice of Google Officials that some of the users are creating mobile applications just for the invalid click purpose. They while using VPN(Virtual Private Network) and click on the Advertisement just to earn the money. This practice is not only creating problems for Google but also rating down the trust of Advertisers.

Admob is a branch of Google Adsense which is also monetization application for Android or OIS. Every one of the fake earners of Admob or Adsense is warned to refrain from such activity otherwise their accounts will be blocked immediately. Never ever indulge in this type of activity cause it is forbidden by Google and also the norms and regulations.

Google Ltd will shortly take a strict action against the culprits and will deactivate the accounts shortly. Users who are not violating the policies of the Google are informed not to worry about your accounts.

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