Get Your Cache Wiped & Improve Samsung Performance

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The system of cache partition stores temporary data in the system. Many times it allows the system to access more quickly and fast, but sometimes things get outdated, so a periodic cache clearing can help make the system run more smoothly. It’s different from clearing individual app cache, and it would not causes to erase the personal data or setting of the system.

Cache partition is the good maintenance and temporary storing tool. Cache files are the temporarily stored files which are available in your system. So, Deleting cache files will not erase the setting or data of your device. When you feel any troubleshooting issue then you can erase the cache partitions to resolve this issue. And at least, you should do it after installing updates on a device.

Clearing using recovery mode.

1: Turn off your Samsung device.

2: Press and hold the power, home and volume up button together/Simultaneously.

3: When you see the Samsung logo or Android on your device screen then escape the buttons.

4: Now the device will load in recovery mode. Here, you can select the options, what you want to do for proceedings.

5: Select the option to clear the system caches, when you erase the system caches partition.

6: Use the volume button to navigate and select the options carefully.

7: Select wipe cache partition.

8: Now, click the power button to execute the proceeding.

9: Remember, Select the option carefully, Don’t select “Wipe data” option for erasing the cache partition only, because it will cause to erase all of your personal data which was available in your device.

10: Wait until the process finishes. It takes a few moments to finalize the proceedings.

11: Select reboot and press power button to finalize the proceeding.