Convert Videos into GIF using WhatsApp

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WhatsApp is the simple, secure and reliable messaging app. You can get fast and secure messaging and calls on a Smart Phone. It is totally free. And you can use these benefits all over the world. It is available for Android Phones, Mac Phones, iPhone, Window Pc, And Window Phone.

You can use this application without any hesitation to share personal information’s, points, and incidents. Due to the availability of end to end encryption into the latest version of the WhatsApp, all of your proceedings which have done in the area of this app are secure. When your proceedings are end to end encrypted, then your calls and messages are secure. So, you and the person you are communicating with can listen to your points or read your messaging. And no third person can read or listen to your proceedings even WhatsApp.

Steps to convert video into Gif.

1: Shoot a video or pick any video that you wants to convert.

2: Place the video into the Gallery of your smartphone.

3: Remember, your video duration should be at least Six seconds or under Six seconds.

4: Then, Go to the WhatsApp and open it. Connect any people that have WhatsApp account.

5: Go to chat or conversation on WhatsApp and Start chatting/messaging.

6: Tap the paperclip button which is available to the right within the text field.

7: Select Gallery, and choose/pick any video that you want to convert into Gif According to the Step#3.

8: After selection of the video, a video editor will appear in the WhatsApp. Locate and press the Gif button.

9: If you can edit or trim any of desired portions from the video, then after pressing Gif button trim the Video slides from the slider that are located in the timeline at the top.

10: After editing or trimming is done then, Gif is available to share any other person.

11: Add the Gif message in the caption of the WhatsApp, and finally press the Green Arrow button to share this message.

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