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Mobile Battery Life Tips

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Android smartphones are designed to deliver better result such as performance, usage, and timing. A battery is the important part of the Smartphone technology. Batteries are the complex technology because… Read more »

Installation of LineageOS 15.1 On Any Android Mobile

To install lineage OS 15.1 on any Android device, first go to the website of Lineage and download ROM file for your device. If LineageOS 15.1 is not available for… Read more »

Download lineageOS 15.1 Stock Wallpapers

LineageOS 15.1 was released in January 2017. It can be used without the installation of Google application. It is based on the Android open source development device. It includes many… Read more »

Method To Check The Smartphone Device Supports Project Treble

Android Oreo is the excellent version of Android OS. It brings many features and tricks to know the device specifications. It provides the support for Google’s project treble. Project treble… Read more »