Attend Developers Festival Celebration

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Developers Festival Celebration is scheduled to be held on May 8-10 in 2018 by Google. This is a one-day event for all web developers, application developers, and mobile enterprises etc.  The event will be held in Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, CA.

The first event was held in 2007 in Sydney, Australia to discuss and demonstrations for Gears, Web toolkit, Geo, Mapplets together with a YouTube API session. The second event was held in 2008  to discuss HTC android phone and presentations on Chrome, AJAX and the Web Toolkit and demos for various applications such as Gears. The third event was held in China in 2011 and this was a giant event. Forth event was held in 2014 in San Francisco, in this even Google release a smartwatch.


Source:: Google Events