Android 8.0 Oreo Review

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Today, Android 8.0 will be discussed shortly which is a mobile software and in Android Mobiles throughout the world. It is most reliable, attractive, advanced, multi-functional and updated version of Custom ROM. Oreo launched it as its recent edition for Android phones. The main features of this Custom ROM include Wi-Fi automatic option, password manager, auto fills, battery usage indicator, user interface, decent wallpapers, run multiple apps, and many many more. The new Android Oreo understands the use of password manager with the addition of an automobile fill API. Android Oreo offers you many new techniques to extend your app and develop better. Today you can Root Android Oreo as you desire.

It is very impressive as it enables the user to set privacy settings according to his/ her choice. Users expect to have updates that don’t just fix issues but provide improvements. As an example, as soon as a user selects a telephone number, Oreo will display option to dial the quantity and send text messages. Since it is pretty and very beneficial for the users. The user can access the notification by merely touching the little dot. He can turn off the badges from settings.

Beside some benefits, there are some drawbacks of Oreo, which include the double load of the phone system. you have lots of new strategies to extend your app and develop better. If multiple apps are running along with background solutions, more load is put on a system which leads to delay and poor user experience. Pre-installed useless apps are the frequent problem for all of the smartphone users.