05 Unknown Features of Whatsapp

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Almost all of us use whatsapp but what if I told that there are some features which many of us may be unaware of in whatsapp.www.updatedmob.com brings for you 5 features which may help you during your usage of Whatsapp.

1)You can become invisible.

In other words you can make yourself seem to be offline even if you are online and you may prohibit your friends from seeing your status or your account details.If you want to do this you should follow the below steps.

  • For Android: Go to Menu SettingsAccount >  Change the settings of personal data visibility
  • For Apple iOS: Go to Settings,and open the Privacy Then change your settings there.



2) You can send a group message to various people without making a group.

Keeping in mind the end goal of making a mailout, go to Chats > Menu > New broadcast. Press “+” or enter the names of recipients. The message will be conveyed to each collector you have picked. Their answers will be seen just by you and not alternate contacts on the rundown.

3)You can Save your running down storage from auto downloading

WhatsApp is a minding application and consequently keeps every one of your media sent while chatting. And every time it lowers the storage of your cell phone, and you wouldn’t like to uninstalling another useful application.

The solution to the problem is quite simple: turn off the media autosave in the app settings. For Android: go to Settings > Data Usage, and choose the necessary parameters of file downloading. For iOSSettings > Data and Storage Usage > Media.

4)Listen to audio messages secretly.

When You receive any audio message in whatsapp and you play it several other people in the surrounding get exposed to the content of the message which may disturb your privacy.Whatsapp also has a solution for it.Whenever you receive an audio message, you should play it and bring your phone close to your ear just like when you do it while making a call.Then only you will be able to hear that message.

5) You can understand that you have been blocked

If you keep messaging a contact and the tick that represents message delivered as shown in the picture is single and you cannot see the time the person was last online it means you have been blocked.

These were the top mostly unknown features of whatsapp.Now that you know it share it with your friends.